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Are You Anxious ALL The Time?

When people have anxiety it can feel like it’s there all the time. But is it?  If you struggle with anxiety then it’s important to be able to recognise when you don’t have it, to know that it has edges and where those edges are. In this video I explain why I think it’s SO important to tune into when you do and don’t have anxiety, so that you can begin to do something about transforming it.

Tell You Mind What You Want (Why How You Talk To Yourself Really Matters)

Are you critical of your friends and family, constantly calling them failures, losers, broken, misfits?  I doubt it.  But I bet you say similar things to yourself when you make a mistake, break up with someone, embarrass yourself.  Many people speak more harshly to themselves than they ever would to their friends – and if they were honest if they were to speak like that to their friends they wouldn’t have any! So why do it to yourself?  Why be so hard on yourself.  Because here’s the thing, your mind is listening to what you say to yourself.  And it will think that, because you told it these things that you want to act that way.  So you get self-fulfilling prophesies.   How about learning a better way to speak to yourself so that your mind knows exactly what you want and can help you get it.

Procrastination And What You Can Do About It

Are you constantly putting things off, leaving them the last minute and then getting stressed? Do you dither about decisions because you just can’t get round to it? Does it frustrate you and you don’t know why you do it?

Procrastination not only robs you of time, it also degrades your confidence and self-esteem, it gets in the way of you doing what you need to do to get the dream life you want. But it can feel such a struggle to overcome it that you just give in to it once again.  And feel guilty, stressed and disappointed in yourself.

Firstly know that procrastination is not about laziness or poor time management – there are really good reason why your mind is shouting for you to get away from whatever it is you need to do – and doing everything it can to make sure that you do! When you understand what is causing your procrastination you can begin to manage it in a healthy and helpful way.  Learn more about procrastination and some easy to implement tips to overcome this very unhelpful habit.

The Power of Positive Emotions

When you think about emotions you probably think about the ones you feel the most, the uncomfortable, often negative, ones.  Because they are strong and you don’t like them. They grab and keep your attention. They shout at you.  Because they are so attention-grabbing it can feel like negative emotions are all you feel, especially when you are going through something tough and challenging.   But even in the hardest of times you will still have some positive emotions.  They may be very fleeting, and much softer than the negative ones, but they are there, if you look for them. Emotions such as joy, awe, love, curiosity, hope, pride, gratitude.  They’re all there for us is we pay attention.    There’s an advantage to noticing positive emotions – when we notice positive emotions we experience more of them and this raises our ‘positivity ratio’ which in turns makes us more resilient.  There’s a saying that negative emotions shout and positive emotions whisper – so listen out for the whispers if you want to be happier and more resilient to life’s challenges.

Why Being Kind Matters More Than You Think

Do you think of yourself as a kind person? Thoughtful of other people and you go out of your way to help others?
I think during this pandemic there’s been lots of examples of extreme kindness and that’s great.But how kind do you being to yourself, because this kindness isn’t just about kindness to other people. It’s about kindness to yourself as well.

Begin by being honest about your self-talk, that voice in your head that’s always there, judging you.
Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?
Are you putting everybody else first but forgetting your own self care?

I’d love for you to realise how important it is to think about some kindness to yourself as well as to others and how this can benefit you in all ways.

The Real Reason Why You Procrastinate

You’ve a report to write, a piece of work to finish but suddenly, compelling you are called to sort your kitchen cupboards or clean the fridge.

Because you don’t want to do what you have to do.  You’ll do anything to put it off.

You’re a procrastinator.

But don’t beat yourself up – there’s a good reason for it and I’ll tell you that reason in this video and what you can do about it.

How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Oh No! It happened again.  You were determined to have a calm, adult conversation with your boss or your partner to have your say or get your needs met and you ended up shouting, crying or getting angry.  You lost control and now you feel bad about it – and you didn’t even achieve anything!  When you are in the grip of strong emotions -anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, boredom – it can be hard to think straight. In fact, we know that strong emotions make us ‘stupid’, they partially shut down the frontal cortex, the think bit of our brain.

Sometimes it can feel like our emotions control us and that there’s nothing we can do about it.   But what if you could control your emotions instead of THEM controlling YOU?  What if you could stay calm and relaxed under pressure? How different would your life be?

Well you can. Let me explain about strong emotions and what you can do about them

Does Online Therapy Really Work?

Therapy via the internet is just as effective as being in the room with your practitioner – honestly, it’s true.  With more secure platforms now you can be assured that it private and you get to stay in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else where you feel safe. No more travelling in the cold or dark on crowded public transport, or driving and struggling to park and you don’t have to get dressed up to go out – you can stay in your tracksuit or PJs if you want!  You save time and it means that you can be much more relaxed and ready for your session.  I work with people in their offices, bedrooms, studies, kitchens – all kinds of places and it works so well.  You may think it wouldn’t be as personal but honestly once you are in the session you forget you are even online.  You just get so absorbed in the work. So don’t let the fact that you can’t travel stop you from reaching out and getting the incredible help you need to transform your life. Try online therapy – you won’t regret it.




Would you like to be emotionally stronger and more resilient. Follow the advise in these short videos to increase your capacity to withstand life’s challenges.