Own Your Life

Do you ever wonder what happened to your life?  How you ended up where you are, maybe unhappy but maybe just discontented and wondering if there is more to life?

Maybe you feel like you’ve ‘lost’ yourself, that you are so busy pleasing others, fitting in that you can’t remember the last time you really felt like your true self.  In fact you don’t even know what that true self is. And life is passing you by and you’re not really living it.  Not as you really want to.

Not being your true self is hard work.  It causes a lot of anxiety and maybe this means that you drink too much, eat too much, hide away or you are so constantly alert to how you are coming across to people that you can’t relax and just enjoy life.  Your relationships are difficult and you feel you have to be perfect all the time otherwise you are going to be rejected if people got to know the real you.

Growing up we are bombarded with information, and our childish mind does the best it can, interpreting messages and events in the best way to keep us safe and survive in the world.

But these childhood experiences can be negative, unhelpful, even traumatic and as a child we develop behaviours in order to cope or protect ourselves. But these behaviours, although often helpful in the moment, are often not relevant or helpful to us as adults and this is where problems can start.

It can lead to us thinking that we have to be a certain way, think a certain way and live a life that may not be the right one for us in order to be loved and accepted.

Old thinking, old beliefs can trigger reactions in us that can be confusing. Because this is coming from the subconscious we’re not aware why this is happening and this can lead us to think that there is something ‘wrong’ with us, that we are ‘broken’, when really it’s simply the subconscious running an old programme to try and do its job of keeping us safe.

When you work with me we will explore these triggers, the real reasons why you feel anxiousworryself-sabotage, why your relationships fail and why you are not your authentic self and not fulfilling your potential.  We’ll collapse these triggers so that you can instil new, more helpful beliefs about yourself and move forward with your life, being your new, confident, authentic self.

Your unhelpful behaviours may include binge drinkingcomfort eatingperfectionism and procrastinationlack of confidence or simply playing it very, very safe.  These are just symptoms of the underlying anxiety driving your behaviour so don’t beat yourself up for these, you are just trying to cope in the only way you know how.  You can develop better coping mechanisms so that you won’t need these any more and they’ll naturally drop away.

I use a combination of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, emotional freedom techniques, positive psychology, transactional analysis and more – but you don’t have to worry about that. In each session I’ll choose the ‘things’ that most address your ‘things’.  All you need to know is that it’s entirely tailored to your needs and it works.

It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed and frightened.  It’s time to step into your power.

When you work with me you will:

  • Get to the root of your problem so that we can change it.
  • Explore what it is you really want from life – how to own your life.
  • Understand and manage your reactions and your emotions which means that you can clear the brain fog, make better decisions and respond better in stressful situations.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to cope with whatever life throws at you.

Why is this different?

I’m sure you tried to change before and maybe even sought help and you’re wondering how this transformation could be any different than everything else out there.  Well, here’s why:

I’ve been where you are now

I understand what it’s like to feel that your life is not on track.  Felt overwhelmed, anxious all the time, and held back by a lack of confidence.

It’s a safe space

I’ll never judge you, I understand your struggle and I’ll have your back, all the time.

I don’t just talk to you

This isn’t just another talking therapy.  I will be your guide encouraging you to do the work which means that the changes really stick.  You’ll change your thinking, your perception, your behaviour and your actions.

You get my whole attention

I will work one on one with you showing you exactly how you can take control of your anxiety and build your confidence.

It is entirely tailor made for you

I will see what you need and meet that need each and every time.

You get a powerful audio recordings

You will get a bespoke hypnotic recording to further support your changes between. Clients find these very relaxing and love the unique nature and quality of the recordings. And they’re yours to keep for life.

We work online

So you don’t have to worry about travelling and you can even have your sessions in your pyjamas!

Unrivalled support

When you’re making powerful changes it’s good to know that someone is supporting you every step of the way. You can contact me between sessions if you have concerns or questions.

Not 9-5 

I offer sessions some evenings and Saturday morning because I know it can be difficult when you are working.

Written and recorded guidance

You get the full ‘how-to’ guide for all of the techniques you’ll be using for you to practice.  These written and/or recorded instructions means you don’t have to try to remember everything.

The Investment

The Own Your Life package consists of ten sessions taken over a three month period, but if you would like to get results quicker I also offer a VIP full day.

Each session is 60  minutes in duration.

Your investment is £1050 in total.

What to do next

  1. You book a ‘Is this good for me?’ call where you can ask me questions and tell me about your problem.  We can then see if we are a good fit.
  2. Then you we agree the time slot and day of the week that suits you and that’s yours for the duration of your programme.
  3.  I’ll send you all the information you need to get the most out of your zoom session. If you’re not familiar with zoom we can have a practice run before your first session to reassure you as to how easy it is.

I use a wide variety of techniques, depending on what I think will give you the best results, including coaching, CBT, cognitive hypnotherapy and transformational NLP techniques to move you forward at the speed that is right for you.

After the first session I’ll send you your bespoke hypnotic recording.

After each session I’ll give you feedback about the tasks we agreed you would do between sessions to get the very best results and you can email or WhatsApp me if you have questions.

Here’s what clients have to say:

Hazel provides powerful, get gentle, change techniques to help you manage life’s challenges in and out of work. Having grappled with intermittent anxiety which affected me in situations in the workplace but would not have been evident from my confident outer self, Hazel helped me find techniques to tame this. 

They help me in any challenging situation – even coming into play in a high pressure job interview to get me a dream job and help me thrive in it. 

I am happier, healthier and more effective to my colleagues

Anonymous (RL London)


Before I started working with Hazel, I felt helpless and defeated. I was heavily drinking alcohol every day without fail, and the amount was increasing. This was obviously negatively affecting all parts of my life: my work, my relationships and my self-esteem. I felt ashamed of my behaviour. I couldn’t think of any way out of my situation. I felt like a lost cause. I am therefore infinitely grateful that a friend recommended Hazel to me. Hazel quickly made me feel comfortable, normal, hopeful. 

As part of the process, we also worked through underlying reasons for using alcohol as a crutch. 

Hazel taught me various strategies on how to manage difficult emotions, and insecurities, such as the fear of rejection, and feelings of loneliness and boredom. I am now confident that I have skills to handle a whole range of challenging situations. Hazel goes above and beyond to ensure that you feel fully supported and her sessions were certainly worth every penny. 

Take this step in your self-development. Hazel is a true professional, who is qualified to guide you towards a better life. No regrets. 

Sarah from Bristol, Secondary School Teacher


I sought Hazel’s help when I decided I had to lose weight. I was one of those people who fluctuated between crash dieting and uncontrollable eating, especially when under stress or when tired.

My friends and family are relaxed around meals, leaving food when they’ve had enough or opting to leave the rest of a chocolate bar for another day.  I was the exact opposite. When eating out I was obsessive, focussing on food rather than conversation and was keen to eat as much of whatever I could that was acceptable in public. 

To be honest, I never really believed I could ever have a healthy attitude to eating and had resigned myself to the fact that I would always be over-weight.  However I decided to give it a go, after all what did I have to lose? – and how pleased am I that I did!If you are overweight, and you suffer from stress and anxiety to boot,  and are thinking of looking at ways to address this – not by crash diets but by finding ways to control your cravings and reflecting on what you really want – I couldn’t recommend Hazel enough.  She is a great listener and her friendly, approachable manner helped me open up to her.  She is reassuring, calming and never judgemental.

During the time she worked with me she always had faith in me and this gradually allowed me to hope “the impossible” …… that I would one day be relaxed and lose my anxiety around food. Working with Hazel has let me identify when I am vulnerable to over-eating and she has given me strategies to cope with this and to address my underlying anxiety.

Gradually I noticed that I was losing weight fairly effortlessly.Hazel was there for me every step of the way. She was totally committed and her enthusiasm and focus was infectious, encouraging me to stick with the programme. I remember when on holiday I texted her for advice and she was there for me, texting tips, contacting me the following day to see how things went. That’s typical of Hazel, always going the extra mile to help. At the risk of sounding dramatic, she really has been one of the most influential people in my life in the past few years.

I now feel more confident, more in control and have far more self-belief. A friend even commented the other day how I’ve stopped constantly apologising for everything.

The therapy hasn’t just allowed me to address my unhealthy attitude to eating but has also made me reflect on other issues, such as self-confidence, and see how I can address them.

What’s more I am no longer overweight (I have a BMI of 25) and am continuing to lose weight!  This is the first summer in many years that I’m not dreading wearing thinner, more figure-hugging summer clothes. And it’s all down to Hazel. 

Sarah, Surrey.


Rowenna Clifford posted on Google review

I began getting some therapy with Hazel for some limiting beliefs around money and self-worth. Within two sessions I already noticed a massive change and my business started to grow rapidly as a result. I now see myself as abundant and am so much happier in myself.

Hazel has a very open and welcoming way about her which makes her very easy to talk to. She gives great advice and the personal recordings she has made me are very inspiring and relaxing to listen to.

Hazel has really helped me to overcome some lifelong challenges which I thought would be with me forever, and now I feel like they were never there in the first place which is amazing to me! I would highly recommend her as a therapist!! Thank you Hazel!

If All I Did For You Was…

  1. Finally helped you to feel safe being your authentic self, would this be worth it?
  1. Gave you control over your emotions and stopped any panic attacks, would this be worth it?
  2. Gave you ALL the confidence you need to go for that dream job, find a life partner, be quietly assertive and effective, would this be worth it?

YES…Of Course It Would

I won’t let you fail.

As long as you do the work, if we work together and you are not getting the results you want and you want to stop working with me then I will refund money from outstanding sessions in full.

Take action now

Book a call to take the first step on the path to being a more calm, more confident, more assertive, authentic and happier you.

Change is easier than you think.

If you have never seen a Coach, NLP Practitioner or a Hypnotherapist before you may have some questions. I’ve tried to address the common ones in my FAQs but if you have other, specific questions then please just book a no obligation call with me to discuss.

Take action now

Book a call to take the first step on the path to being a more calm, more confident, more assertive, authentic and happier you.

Change is easier than you think.

If you have never seen a Coach, NLP Practitioner or a Hypnotherapist before you may have some questions. I’ve tried to address the common ones in my FAQs but if you have other, specific questions then please just book a no obligation call with me to discuss.

Why not experience the power of harnessing the subconscious to make changes by downloading my free gift of a relaxing, unique recording designed to help you be more confident.

You can get it here


Loa Tzu said that the longest journeys begin with a single step so why not take that step now and contact me now to find out how I can support you to change the way you think, feel and behave;  to take the first step on your path to a happier, healthier and more confident future. Or email me at hazel@hazeljones.co.uk

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