What Clients Have To Say About Working With Me


Hazel provides powerful get gentle change techniques to help you manage life’s challenges in and out of work. Having grappled with intermittent anxiety which affected me in situations in the workplace but would not have been evident from my confident outer self, Hazel help me find techniques to tame this. They help me in any challenging situation – even coming into play in a high pressure job interview to get me a dream job and help me thrive in it. I am happier, healthier and more effective to my colleagues“.

RL, London.


“When I decided to divorce my husband I thought the decision and the conversation would be the hardest part but how wrong I was. I was totally unprepared for the range of emotions that I experienced, including guilt, shame and sadness.  But by learning techniques to manage my emotions and having deep meaningful conversations I was able to process my feelings and move on, learning from the experience and growing.  I could easily have lost my confidence in myself and become stuck but, thankfully, because I sought help I am now able to build my new life alone, but not lonely, and feel so much stronger and resilient as a result. I would highly recommend getting some help to get through your divorce, it made such a difference to me.”

BJ London.

Confidence, Anxiety, Out of Control Drinking

“My experience of working with Hazel was really transformative. I wanted support and strategies to navigate some challenging work pressures. I was feeling bullied and emotionally unstable, through my sessions with Hazel it became clear I needed to address some deeper issues that were holding me back from being authentic and centred. I was able to understand some deep seated issues and release some long buried emotional pain which has been liberating. I also used my work with Hazel to address some issues with my drinking which were linked to the emotional issues which were stopping me be honest and real. I have reduced my drinking so feel more in control of this and I have also demonstrated greater self confidence and courage. My work situation continues to present challenges but I am more able to deal with the issues that arise. I am also reaping benefits from showing up more authentically in personal relationships. I have also learnt how to deal with stress more effectively through a range of different strategies. All of this has been done in zoom meetings because of lockdown and I am really surprised at the impact the work has had. Hazel takes a flexible and responsive approach and is very focused on making sure the work creates positive results. I highly recommend working with Hazel.”

BU London

Comfort Eating/Weight Loss

“I sought Hazel’s help when I decided I had to lose weight. I was one of those people who fluctuated between crash dieting and uncontrollable eating, especially when under stress or when tired. My friends and family are relaxed around meals, leaving food when they’ve had enough or opting to leave the rest of a chocolate bar for another day.  I was the exact opposite. When eating out I was obsessive, focussing on food rather than conversation and was keen to eat as much of whatever I could that was acceptable in public.  To be honest, I never really believed I could ever have a healthy attitude to eating and had resigned myself to the fact that I would always be over-weight.  However I decided to give it a go, after all what did I have to lose? – and how pleased am I that I did!

If you are overweight and are thinking of looking at ways to address this – not by crash diets but by finding ways to control your cravings and reflecting on what you really want – I couldn’t recommend Hazel enough.  She is a great listener and her friendly, approachable manner helped me open up to her.  She is reassuring, calming and never judgemental.

During the time she worked with me she always had faith in me and this gradually allowed me to hope “the impossible” …… that I would one day be relaxed and lose my anxiety around food. Working with Hazel has let me identify when I am vulnerable to over-eating and she has given me strategies to cope with this and to address my underlying anxiety.

Hazel is fun and inspirational. She uses a combination of coaching and powerful hypnotherapy techniques supported by relaxing recordings to listen to between sessions which kept me motivated and on track. I had clear take-home messages at the end of each session and could see myself progress steadily.  Gradually I noticed that I was losing weight fairly effortlessly. Of course I had lapses but Hazel was understanding and helped me stop beating myself up over it. Instead we’d dissect what the cause of my lapse was and see how we could prevent it from happening again.

Hazel was there for me every step of the way. She was totally committed and her enthusiasm and focus was infectious, encouraging me to stick with the programme. I remember when on holiday I texted her for advice and she was there for me, texting tips, contacting me the following day to see how things went. That’s typical of Hazel, always going the extra mile to help. At the risk of sounding dramatic, she really has been one of the most influential people in my life in the past few years.

I now feel more confident, feel more in control and have far more self-belief. A friend even commented the other day how I’ve stopped constantly apologising for everything. The therapy hasn’t just allowed me to address my unhealthy attitude to eating but has also made me reflect on other issues, such as self-confidence, and see how I can address them. What’s more I am no longer overweight (I have a BMI of 25) and am continuing to lose weight!  This is the first summer in many years that I’m not dreading wearing thinner, more figure-hugging summer clothes. And it’s all down to Hazel.”
Sarah, Surrey.

Anxiety and Lack of Confidence

I was having difficulties at work and personally, which had become sticking points in life, things I perceived as coming from low self-confidence. Hazel worked with me over a number of weeks using powerful coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy to help adopt some really practical techniques and ways of reasoning. These ranged from finding places of strength in my own character and from my past, to keeping present in the everyday, to looking optimistically towards a future self, and plenty of others. Hazel’s warm, approachable and non-judgemental style made it easy to relax into each session. Each which came with new ideas and tools to learn and were fun to experiment with.

Hazel’s open door policy meant that even between sessions there was space to come back with any concerns, super important when you are uncovering so much in such a small space of time.

I have found confidence that I thought I lacked, and am trying to build on it now every day with some new life skills for the future.

I would say to anyone considering working with Hazel, give it a go! Arrive with an open mind, a sense that you want to try something new that will open your mind further, and then let your imagination help you there. It can be hard work, but fascinating.

YB, London, Project Director


Stress and Lack of Direction

“I first met Hazel at a stress workshop she was running and really liked her approach. When I reached a crossroads in my life I thought of her immediately. Hazel helped me to articulate my values and to see that the life I was living didn’t align with those values. Through helpful coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy techniques and recordings she eased my stress and gave me the clarity I needed. Today I am less stressed, more resilient and finally feel myself again. I highly recommend her.”

Linda Jackson, Surrey

Stress and Work/Life Balance

I found Hazel’s approach very professional, very intuitive and she is a great listener.  My expectation of Coaching has been exceeded and it has resulted in me having a more work \ life balance and my relationship with my children has improved tremendously.

It has also improved other aspects of my life.  This has been due to Hazel giving me the confidence to achieve my goals no matter how big or small, in various aspects of my life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Hazel and would highly recommend her.”

Caroline Phelan, One to One Coaching Programme

Limiting Beliefs and Self Sabotage

I began getting some therapy with Hazel for some limiting beliefs around money and self-worth. Within two sessions I already noticed a massive change and my business started to grow rapidly as a result. I now see myself as abundant and am so much happier in myself.

Hazel has a very open and welcoming way about her which makes her very easy to talk to. She gives great advice and the personal recordings she has made me are very inspiring and relaxing to listen to.

Hazel has really helped me to overcome some lifelong challenges which I thought would be with me forever, and now I feel like they were never there in the first place which is amazing to me! I would highly recommend her as a therapist!! Thank you Hazel!

Rowenna Clifford, London

Life Direction/Clarity

“Hazel started the first session with pertinent, open questions, leading to focused discussions.  This helped me to formulate my own wishes, and translate them into tangible goals. We agreed action points at the end of each session and Hazel followed up each meeting with an e-mail reflecting back to me a synopsis of our discussion and what had been mutually agreed.

Hazel has given me direction. I now have made my aspirations into concrete possibilities by showing me that there is no reason, other than myself, for not achieving them.

It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience.”

Sitwad Hussein, One to One Programme

Confidence / Relationships / Career

Hazel has been an absolute star to work with. We have had several sessions and every time she has shown me compassion, kindness and understanding with my issues.

She has constantly challenged me in a positive way to grow and shift my limiting beliefs about myself. All her techniques and tools provided to me were successful and I have changed so much in such a short time.

We have worked on relationship issues, career worries and family related matters, and every session has given me something to think about and to really uncover the root of my issues. With her help, I have met the man of my dreams who I never thought I could have before working with her.

I am also setting out on my own business and she has guided and supported me all along with her knowledge and expertise. I would recommend Hazel wholeheartedly and I thank her for her patience and commitment.

 Viktoria, London

Fear of Heights

I was becoming increasingly affected by vertigo, especially on chair lifts when skiing, but also climbing quite low step ladders and even on chairs to change a bulb. In only two sessions of cognitive hypnotherapy, Hazel helped me completely change how I feel about heights and allowed me to analyse exactly how I felt in certain situations. She then prepared a 10 minute personalised recording for me to listen to each day – which I did for about 10 days before going on a skiing holiday at Christmas.

Result – not one feeling of vertigo – even on the famous Peak to Peak gondola in Whistler and I have been able to climb ladders and walk around a building site on scaffolding without even thinking of the height. I can thoroughly recommend Hazel to anyone who has something similar – it really helped me.”

Danny Clark, Surrey