Stop Smoking VIP Package

Stop Smoking VIP Package

I won’t lecture you about stopping smoking.  What I will do is help you to stop, for good.   Because, this isn’t the usual ‘sit you down, read a script to you and fingers crossed’ type of stopping smoking hypnosis session- I know what they’re like, I went to a few and they didn’t work for me either.

No, this is a step by step, radically different, science based programme designed to help you get free of cigarettes with ease and never look back.

Get free from smoking forever!

What you Stop Smoking VIP Package includes:

Step 1

Book a free telephone consultation to talk to me about the programme and plenty of time to ask any questions you may have to help you decide if this is right for you.

Step 2

When you decide to go ahead and book I’ll design a session just for you based on the information you’ve given me, because everyone has different reasons to stop smoking and it’s important that we work with yours.  You’ll receive a welcome pack with all the information you need, together with a couple of simple, quick but very effective tasks to get you ready, excited and well on your way to stopping smoking.

Step 3

This is when we meet up either face to face in my therapy room just off the Strand, London or online (via Skype, Facetime or Zoom).  Both are just as effective, it simply depends on where you live and which is more convenient for you.

If you’ve tried and failed to stop in the past you might not know how nicotine hijacks your normal brain systems, which makes it so addictive. We’ll look at how this keeps you craving more and how you can deal with any cravings.

We’ll look at what’s in your cigarette, and it’s a lot more than just tobacco.  I think you’ll be shocked, I know I was, and you’ll find out the reason tobacco companies knowingly put dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals in your cigarettes. This can really help with your motivation to stop smoking.

You’ll learn what to expect when you stop and what you can do to help your body.  This means you can recover as quickly as possible from nicotine and cigarette withdrawal and become healthier sooner.

I’ll help you to find your reasons, negative and positive, to stop smoking because when you’re crystal clear on your own personal ‘whys’ they become powerful drivers to your becoming, and remaining, a life-long non-smoker.

We’ll identify your triggers; the times, places, people, emotions that make you really, really, really want to smoke and then we’ll ‘collapse’ them – if we remove the triggers we remove the longing to smoke!

I’ll teach you a simple self-hypnosis technique for you to use at any time.  This means that you can mentally rehearse future events that, in the past, may have challenged your intentions not to smoke.  This is something you can use that will help get you through anything without even thinking of smoking.

And one of the last things we do, before you collect your non-smoker certificate, is a wonderfully relaxing, but powerful, hypnosis session which is specially designed to enlist the power of your subconscious mind to support your non-smoking and take you forward into your smoke free future.

I’ll give you everything you need to carry on with the great work we did in the session which means that you can be smoke free forever, with the added bonus that they’re great for helping you cope with everyday stress too

Step 4

This is a VIP level of service and support. Most therapist charge by the session but I am different.  I charge you for the package which includes my support for four months after your initial consultation.  I am confident you won’t need it but, just in case you wobble or life throws up a particularly hard challenge that makes you want to smoke you just get in touch and we’ll deal with it.  I won’t let you fail.  I’ll support you for a full four months to remain smoke free if you need it. I don’t expect you to use it but it’s there if you need it, your own safety net.  Free of charge..

You get all of this included in the price of your package.  The smoking doesn’t stand a chance does it?

Is this for you?

This programme is for you have decided that cigarettes have taken enough from you and you now want to be smoke free, smell free, healthier, live longer, look younger and have more money in the future.

Of course hypnotherapy can make it easy to stop smoking but not impossible to smoke.  I say this because there have been people who have left a room after a session and lit up ‘to prove this doesn’t work’.  If this is you, then you’re not the person I want to work with.  I want to work with people who are committed to stop, who really want to benefit from this amazing  programme. It has everything you need to make powerful and lasting changes on both an unconscious and conscious level so that you can finally and for ever be free of smoking.

What does it cost?

This isn’t the cheapest stop-smoking package you will come across but neither is it like most others.  The price reflects the level of expertise and service you will be getting.

The cost of the complete package is only £299.00.  Compare that to how much you will be saving when you stop smoking.

So what are you waiting for?

Begin your smoke free journey now by clicking on this link and booking your initial, no obligation consultation.

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