Stop Social Anxiety – Live Your Life To The Full

Social anxiety is more common than you think, and it shows up in various ways.  It can make you blush, stammer, make your heart pound and your palms sweat and even trigger panic attacks.  It’s much more than just shyness.

What is Social Anxiety?

If you suffer from social anxiety then you may dread everyday events such as meeting strangers, conversations, dating etc.

Maybe for you your mind goes into overdrive telling you how boring you are, you’ll have nothing to say to people and other stories about not being good enough, funny enough, good looking enough. So you refuse invitations and make excuses.

Or you go out, but you worry about your outfit, plan every detail – even down to how you are going to leave early without anyone noticing.

Or cancel and change arrangements and then feel bad because you’re letting people down.

I worked with a client with social anxiety who said she felt like an outsider when she went out, that she didn’t ‘fit in’, even with good friends. She was so anxious she spent the whole evening worrying about the impression she was making and how she was coming across. We worked together and she became more confident and relaxed with people and now she goes out, even on her own now, and loves it!

What can you do about it?

You’re not mad, silly, ‘highly strung’ or different from anyone else, you just get frightened at the wrong times. It’s your survival system kicking in at the incorrect time because of unhelpful subconscious learning.  It has it’s basis in anxiety and lack of confidence.

We can work on the messages your subconscious is giving you that are holding you back so that you can find your confidence to do whatever it is you want, whether that is to go on holiday, get out and meet new people, find a life partner and feel more confident and at ease when you are doing it.

Next step

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