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Absolutely DON’T do these thinks if you are leaving a narcissist or an abusive relationship

What NOT to do when leaving or breaking an abusive relationship There's lots of advice on what to do when you leave an abusive or narcissistic relationship but what about the things that you really don't want to do as they are really not going to be helpful.  Here are...

7 Things you must do before leaving a narcissistic (or any abusive) relationship

If you are in a relationship with a coercive, controlling or narcissistic personality then be aware that it is not going to be easy to leave or divorce them.  They will, in all likelihood, try to make it as difficult, expensive and drawn out as possible.  After all,...

How to cope around toxic, abusive or narcissistic people

Toxic, abusive or narcissistic people love to play games, gain control and manipulate people. If you are in a partnership or any kind of relationship with someone who has strong narcissistic traits or are very controlling they will want to secure narcissistic supply...

How to stay sane when you have to live with your spouse while you’re divorcing

You’ve finally decided to divorce and now you just want to be free and out of it.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just move out and get on with your life?  But life isn’t always like , and for many people they’ll have to stay in the same house until the divorce is...

Take Control Of Anxiety

Anxiety can be frightening when you don’t understand what’s happening.  Knowing more can be reassuring, give you insight and means that you can begin to take control of anxiety. In this article I’m going to talk about the how and why you feel this way and what you can...

How To Survive Loneliness

Maybe you don’t know why you’re lonely, and you’re not even very comfortable talking about it.  And that’s why in this article I’m talking about it openly so that you can better understand why you feel how you feel.   Loneliness is a subject we don’t often...

Declutter your thinking, free your mind!

Have you ever felt you want to 'de-clutter' your mind? Sweep away all the old beliefs, inner chatter, ‘bad’ habits and unhelpful ways of behaving? Maybe you wonder where all this has come from, why you are like this?   It’s estimated that we all take in about 3.6...

How to survive (and thrive) this winter.

If you can feel your mood plummeting and you are tired of winter already, you can you only see the dark, the cold, the rain, gloom and doom and can’t wait for it to be over, you’re in the right place I’m going to tell you how you can make winter much more bearable....

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