5 Day Challenge Reveals How Busy  Women Can Start To Feel More Calm, In Control And More Confident In All Aspects Of Their Lives By Discovering Powerful Techniques To Reduce Their Anxiety And Overwhelm With Small And Simple Daily Steps. 

Join my FREE Managing Anxiety Challenge and learn how you can begin to manage your anxiety in a new, more effective way.


This is what my clients achieve when they work with me 

"I sought Hazel’s help … to lose weight ... she always had faith in me and this gradually allowed me to hope "the impossible”, that I would one day be relaxed and lose my anxiety around food. Working with Hazel has let me address my underlying anxiety.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, she really has been one of the most influential people in my life in the past few years.

This is the first summer in years that I’m not dreading wearing more figure-hugging summer clothes. And it’s all down to Hazel."
Sarah, Surrey.

"Hazel provides powerful yet gentle change techniques to help you manage life's challenges in and out of work.

Having grappled with intermittent anxiety which affected me in situations in the workplace but would not have been evident from my confident outer self, hazel help me find techniques to tame this.

They help me in any challenging situation - even coming into play in a high pressure job interview to get me a dream job and help me thrive in it.

I am happier, healthier and more effective to my colleagues."

Anonymous (RL London)

"I began getting some therapy with Hazel for some limiting beliefs around money and self-worth. Within two sessions I already noticed a massive change. I now see myself as abundant and am so much happier in myself.

Hazel has a very open and welcoming way about her which makes her very easy to talk to. 

Hazel has really helped me to overcome some lifelong challenges which I thought would be with me forever, and now I feel like they were never there in the first place which is amazing to me! I would highly recommend her!! Thank you Hazel!"

Rowenna London

Hosted by Hazel Jones

  • You will learn how to better manage your thoughts and emotions so that you can make overwhelm a thing of the past.
  • I’ll show you how controlling your anxiety is possible, with a set of skills you can easily implement.  
  • You’ll be given exclusive access to our private challenge member Facebook group along with everyone else taking part in the challenge.
  • You can gain more confidence as you learn to manage more of life’s challenges.
  •  I’ll be in the group every day helping and supporting with a daily video setting out your simple but powerful task for the day and then answering any questions you may have on a live Q & A each evening.  
  • Each task can be done in around 30 minutes and I’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may haveYou’ll be given exclusive access to our own private challenge member Facebook group along with everyone else taking part in the challenge.

Hi there, nice to meet you.

I used to have crippling anxiety and learned how to control it.  I know what works and that is why now for years I’ve been helping people, just like you, to recognise and manage their anxiety.  

Maybe you think you’ve tried everything but nothing ever seems to stick.  You manage to push it aside or shove it down but it creeps back in and you feel like you’re back to square one.  

This challenge is the best starting point for you to understand anxiety and learn some great techniques for controlling it. You benefit from learning the foundations of the very same work I do with clients in my one to one sessions, the principles and techniques that can change your perception of anxiety to put you in the driving seat of your life. 

It’s a 5-day Tackling Anxiety Sprint Challenge running every day from Monday the 23rd November to Friday 27th November, 2020,  where you’ll all be doing it live together.

I’ll be in the group every day helping and supporting with a daily video setting out your simple but powerful task for the day and then answering any questions you may have on a live Q & A each evening.  

The challenge is about practicing the techniques I recommend and engagement in the private group so that we all get 100% benefit from it. I’ll be giving 100% and I’d like to invite you to do the same to begin to take control of your anxiety once and for all. 

Whether it’s showing up as comfort eating, binge drinking, over-exercising, mood swings, physical symptoms or any other way anxiety is affecting you, there’s really nothing stopping you from learning about anxiety from someone who knows and has successfully overcome it.

This is what Sarah from Bristol, a Secondary School Teacher had to say about working with me:

"Before I started working with Hazel, I felt helpless and defeated. I was heavily drinking alcohol every day without fail, and the amount was increasing. This was obviously negatively affecting all parts of my life: my work, my relationships and my self-esteem. I felt ashamed of my behaviour. I couldn’t think of any way out of my situation. I felt like a lost cause. I am therefore infinitely grateful that a friend recommended Hazel to me. Hazel quickly made me feel comfortable, normal, hopeful. And our work began...

Over the course of 3 months, Hazel introduced me to numerous techniques to help deal with cravings. She also recorded personalised, bespoke audios which I found to be incredibly effective when experiencing the urge to drink alcohol. I started to feel more in control, and now choose when and when not to drink alcohol.  

As part of the process, we also worked through underlying reasons for using alcohol as a crutch, and, through putting me in what she described as a trance-like state, would make suggestions to my subconscious, in order to help me to respond in a more positive way to certain unhelpful childhood memories that had been negatively impacting my adult life. 

Hazel taught me various strategies on how to manage difficult emotions, and insecurities, such as the fear of rejection, and feelings of loneliness and boredom. I am now confident that I have skills to handle a whole range of challenging situations. As with all learning, it takes practice, but I can honestly say that I am already experiencing the benefits. Hazel goes above and beyond to ensure that you feel fully supported and her sessions were certainly worth every penny. 

Take this step in your self-development. Hazel is a true professional, who is qualified to guide you towards a better life. No regrets." 

Sarah from Bristol, Secondary School Teacher