ZZZ Getting Divorced?


Getting divorced is life changing.  That’s why you’re doing it right? But it can also feel daunting and frightening and bring up all kinds of issues.

Getting out of a toxic relationship can be one of the hardest things you ever do.  The very reasons that have kept you stuck are the very things that are making it harder for you to heal and move on.  The emotions that come with a breakup can be shocking in their intensity and change so rapidly.  At times it may feel like they’re overwhelming or that you can’t cope, they’re too strong, too painful, too intense.  You doubt your judgement and your ability to take responsibility for yourself, build a new life, take control.

But, you can.  And I can help. 

You also have to deal with the fallout on those around you.  Some people won’t want you to get divorced, they want you to stay exactly the same as you always have been.  They may try to talk you out of it, change your mind, scare you into staying because you changing means they’ll have to make adjustments.  It means they have to come to terms with change.  And this can make it harder for you.

You need all help you can get 

Having divorced myself I can help you negotiate this tsunami of feelings, opinions and changes that you are dealing with, either while you’re coming to a decision to end your marriage, going through a divorce or afterwards.  It’s never too early or too late to take control of your feelings, your thoughts and your emotions so that you can build the new life that’s ahead of you.

You don’t have to cope alone 

Using powerful coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy I’ll help you understand what you’re going through, make sense of your emotions, some of which may be surprising to you, and build your confidence for the life ahead.

Get in touch now to talk about how I can support you 


So why not contact me now to talk about how I can guide and support you through this difficult time so that you don’t just survive your divorce but come out the other side stronger, more resilient, the real you and ready to face a new reality, a new, better future.


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