Emotional Eating – Get Control and Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Are you an emotional eater?

Emotional eaters reach for a doughnut or biscuits when they’re are worried, upset or lonely.

Food seems to soothe or comfort , even if just for a little while.

When you think about the gnawing feeling you get when you feel anxious, worried, upset, lonely, sad, hopeless or any of the other strong, uncomfortable emotions we sometimes feel it reminds you a lot like hunger doesn’t it?  And we don’t like strong, uncomfortable emotions, we want to get rid of them and feel something nicer so you become an emotional eater.

If the anxiety or distress feels a lot like hunger and food seems to ‘stuff it down’ then it makes sense that you seek out food to relieve that feeling, doesn’t it?

It’s a coping mechanism but it’s not a very helpful one.

Because all that sugar or carbohydrate isn’t doing you any good – maybe you’re watching your weight, and this is just sabotaging you.  Or you hate the feeling of being out of control in this way.

Perhaps you’ve found that denying yourself food seems to work in the short term but it doesn’t address the underlying reasons why you are comfort or emotional eating and the habit will just come back when the opportunity, and the food, presents itself.

Anxiety can be a cause of emotional eating so finding the root cause, and addressing it, will lead to the emotional eating no longer being needed.  Or there may be past trauma that hasn’t been resolved.  Trauma doesn’t have to be dramatic to affect your current thinking, it could be something quite small to your adult brain but to your childish mind it was interpreted as something threatening.  You may think it’s something that you’ve forgotten, but your subconscious hasn’t and it could be using food to stuff down the feelings associated with it.

Using powerful Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques, I can work with you to find out what’s at the core of your emotional eating, why you really do it – and I guarantee it will be nothing to do with weakness, lack of willpower or the food.  You have no less willpower than anyone else.  There’s nothing bad or shameful about you – you’ve just found an unhelpful way of coping with your stress, anxiety or trauma.  When we know what’s causing your particular emotional eating we can work on changing the way you react to the triggers – and if the triggers are gone, so is the need u777.

One of the most important things I do with clients is help them to manage uncomfortable and unhelpful thoughts and emotions in a new, positive way so that they don’t trigger the urge to eat. And there is a knock-on effect from this work too because learning to manage uncomfortable emotions and unhelpful thoughts means you can remain calmer and deal with all aspects of life better so there’s a real, positive ripple effect in all areas of your life, not just around your eating.

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