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You know that many of the insecurities and beliefs you hold about ourself can be very negative, even toxic, and, more often than not, untrue. But they undermine your self confidence and hold you back – if you let it.

You may already be aware that they are old, outdated, unhelpful messages. Consciously, you may be aware of that but it can be hard to change because these messages are coming from the subconscious, so trying to change them with the conscious mind just doesn’t work.

But we can work with the subconscious to help it to send out more positive messages, helping you to change the way you think about yourself and the world.  One way of doing this is to make suggestions to your subconscious while you are nicely, gently relaxed, giving the thinking mind a break.  This is what this recording can do when you listen to it regularly.

This isn’t about mind control, it’s simply about using the power of your mind and your imagination to make the changes you want to make, to be more confident every day.

Send for your unique, powerful recording right now.  It’s designed by me, for you, to change your thinking and help you to improve your confidence, now and every day.


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