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Divorce/Breakup Recovery


If you are the one thinking of leaving you’ll go through a whole range of emotions, many of them so strong you feel you are going to be overwhelmed by them – guilt, anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety, are all ‘normal’ in the circumstances.  It can be very confusing and draining.  You feel exhausted and chaotic a lot of the time and you doubt yourself and your ability to get through this.

But know this is normal and you can get through this.

Maybe you’re not sure you should leave and you are confused about your relationship and you would really like to unpick how you are feeling and make the right decision. After all, it is a big decision to break up with someone – there may be no going back, so you want to make sure it’s the right decision.

You want to make sure that this gut feeling is heading you in the right direction for you to have the life you want.




And if you have decided to leave or you have already left then you need help to manage the strong emotions so that you can make good decisions, especially where splitting assets and making agreements is concerned.  You don’t want to be hijacked into making poor choices or capitulating when you shouldn’t because you are feeling guilt or pity for your former partner.

You want to get out of this relationship, understand why and how it went wrong for you, and how you could do things differently next time so that you can confidently go forward and have a more loving, successful relationship if that’s what you want.  Or choose to live confidently and comfortably on your own, owning your life and making choices for yourself, and enjoying your freedom.

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