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You Can Overcome Depression

Everyone suffers from the ‘blues’ or low mood from time to time.  That’s just life and we need to have the downs to appreciate the ups.  But with depression it’s different.  The downs just seem to go on and on.  Nothing gives you pleasure,  everything seems so pointless and hard.  You ruminate on things, turn them over and over in your mind and your work may be suffering as you dither about decisions and find it hard to find the energy or motivation to do anything.

Medication can help but sometimes doesn’t get to the root of the problem.  I know this as I have had depression all my life and it took more than a prescription for me to overcome it.  It had to get to know myself well, learn new ways of thinking and reacting to the world, more helpful ways which have led to lasting changes for the better.

Finding out what’s behind your depression means you can change the way you think about yourself and the world and begin to climb out of that pit of depression and begin to live your life again.

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If you struggle to understand your depression or you know someone with depression and you’d like to know more then this video explains it really well.

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