Binge Drinking – Control Alcohol Instead of IT Controlling You


Do you set the intention not to drink too much only to lose that resolve as soon as you start drinking and then you wake up the next morning feeling awful and full of drinker’s remorse?  You worry about your binge drinking.You miss work or you’re late for work and people are beginning to notice. Or worse, you do something embarrassing or dangerous when you’re drunk.  When you start you just can’t stop and you’re not even funny to be around when you’re drunk.

You dont want to give up drinking but you’d love to be able to enjoy a drink without going over the top.

What is binge drinking?

The usual measure of binge drinking would be downing five or more drinks for men and four or more for women in the space of two hours.

Are you a binge drinker?

Do you recognise any of these signs?

  • You dismiss the concerns of others. Maybe you claim that you have everything under control and present your drinking as normal and call your critics interfering or no fun.
  • You drink  four or five or more drinks in two hours.
  • You end up drinking more than you intended.
  • You feel unable to stop drinking or slow down.
  • You black out or have gaps in your memory after drinking.
  • You act out of character while under the influence (i.e., driving while drunk, getting into fights or rows, and having unprotected sex).

If you suspect you are a binge drinker, what can you do about it?

It’s just a coping mechanism reinforced by habit.  Many binge drinkers use alcohol as a way to cope with uncomfortable thoughts or emotions, to deal with stress, anxiety, boredom, feelings of failure or loneliness.

It’s a symptom of something deeper that needs attending to like lack of confidence, past trauma, anxiety, loneliness, sadness or unresolved grief and dealing with these and learning better coping mechanisms means that you don’t need alcohol to cope any longer.

Working together we can uncover the issues making you drink more than you want, you can take control of alcohol instead of it controlling you.  We can use powerful Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques to change the messages that are telling you that drink is the way to ease these past hurts and begin to heal them in a new, more healthy, effective way.

Gradually you find you just don’t want to drink so much, or so often.  That you just don’t need it in the same way, and you can get to a place where you can cope with life’s challenges, without needing a drink.  Of course, this is going to have enormous benefits for your relationships, your work, your health and your self image.

So, reach out for help now and learn better ways of dealing with life

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Binge drinking versus alcoholism

Alcoholics can be binge drinkers, but there isn’t a set number of drinks that makes someone an alcoholic. The key is the physical addiction to alcohol, the constant craving for it, and the inability to control drinking and get through the day without it. A common phrase is “drinking to feel normal,” which isn’t usually true for binge drinkers.

Many people who binge drink on the weekends can cruise through the week with no drinks at all. But although they might not qualify as alcoholics, they’d certainly meet the criteria for heavy drinking, possibly averaging the same number of drinks per week as many alcoholics. And even if a binge drinker doesn’t suffer from withdrawal symptoms or have a physical compulsion to drink every day, it’s an unhealthy pattern that he or she might need assistance to break.

Since alcohol abuse is defined as heavy drinking on five or more instances in a month, binge drinkers are typically at risk for becoming alcohol abusers, or alcoholics. The greater the number of drinks, and the frequency with which one drinks them, are factors in how likely it is to transform from a binge drinker to a full-blown alcohol abuser.


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