All the added extras you get when you work with me

Features of all my packages or programmes

What is included in your package:

1. It’s fully personalised to your needs

This is not a one size fits all approach because your problem will show up for you in unique ways and your solution needs a unique approach.

Like my client Sarah who struggled with her weight and thought her problem was that she was just undisciplined around food and ‘hopeless’.  By delving deeper, we could see that anxiety and low self-esteem was causing her unhealthy eating.  Working together she developed a much more helpful attitude to her body, food and losing weight.  She’s looking forward to wearing her summer clothes for the first time in years. 

2. You have the option of where we work

You can come to my comfortable and private therapy room in London or Banstead or you can work with me online because you may not want to travel or prefer to work from the comfort of your own home.

Rebecca has a very busy life and a demanding job. It wasn’t possible for her to attend face to face sessions.  Working online meant we could be flexible, and we could schedule sessions in the morning before she began work.  

3. Contact between sessions

When we’re making powerful changes the subconscious sometimes brings up things we may not expect.  This is normal and it means that you’re doing some great work on a deeper level.  You know that someone is supporting you every step of the way. I would encourage you to book a reassurance, ‘breakout’ call between sessions just to check you are on track.

‘Hazel’s open-door policy meant that even between sessions there was space to come back with any concerns, super important when you are uncovering so much in such a small space of time’. ’YB Project Manager, London

4. You can text me with questions

If you have concerns or if you haven’t understood something and we can talk through things so you’re never alone.

‘Hazel was there for me every step of the way. She was totally committed, and her enthusiasm and focus were infectious, encouraging me to stick with the programme. I remember when on holiday I texted her for advice and she was there for me, texting tips, contacting me the following day to see how things went.’ Sarah, Surrey

5. Ongoing support and flexibility

Sessions can be taken at intervals to suit you and your lifestyle, because not everyone’s life is straightforward – I won’t leave you to struggle alone, ever.

SP has a very senior post in the public sector and often has to respond to last minute demands so needed flexibility.  We were able to arrange sessions as and when she could free up her time which meant that she wasn’t stressed trying to fit into a rigid timetable. 

6. Easy online booking with full access to my calendar

You can see when I’m free and pick a time that suits you either online or face to face, knowing that I’m available at these times. You can also cancel and reschedule with ease. This gives you total control over when you see me. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting your appointment as I’ll send you email reminders.

7. Not 9-5

By prior arrangement you can even have your sessions on Saturday mornings or some evenings.  You don’t need to stress about leaving work to attend sessions or trying to squeeze them into a busy work day

8. Powerful audio recordings

You will get hypnotic recordings to listen to between sessions to further support your changes between session and ensure they really stick. Clients find these very relaxing and love the unique nature and bespoke quality of the recordings. And they’re yours to keep for life.

Rowenna found the recordings helped her to stay on track and make the changes she wanted to make.

‘Hazel has a very open and welcoming way about her which makes her very easy to talk to. She gives great advice and the personal recordings she has made me are very inspiring and relaxing to listen to’.

9. Reading recommendations

Reading can be a great way to further embed changes and learning more about a topic knowing that you are one of a great number of people who are addressing your problem. You can request book recommendations from me to support your progress.

10. Tasks to keep you on track

I’ll send you an email with any actions we’ve agreed would be helpful for you to do between sessions so that you have control over your progress and you are moving forward in the quickest way possible but at a rate that is right for you.   We know that tasks to do between sessions increases motivation and engagement and therefore helps you to bring about the changes you want.

“I had clear take-home messages at the end of each session and could see myself progress steadily.” SB, Surrey

11. Written and recorded guidance

You get the full ‘how-to’ guide for all of the techniques you’ll be using for you to practice.  These written and/or recorded instructions means you don’t have to try to remember everything.  I’ll give you all you need to carry on your good work well into the future.

Hannah regularly uses techniques to lower her anxiety when she is faced with a challenge in work. It means she can be more present, grounded and do her best work. 

12. Opportunity to seamlessly work on other issues

Often my clients find that once they have mastered their main problem for good, they want to go on to work on other unhelpful habits. This means you to take back control of the way you think and feel, more in control of your life.

‘Hazel has really helped me to overcome some lifelong challenges which I thought would be with me forever, and now I feel like they were never there in the first place which is amazing to me!’  RC London


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