Hazel Jones: Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Hazel Jones Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist helping you to be Happier with Hazel

I am a fully qualified and insured Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

My combination of skills, knowledge, professional and life experience means that I provide a safe, non-judgemental environment for you to tackle what’s holding you back or making you unhappy.  No issue is too small or too big – if it’s bothering you then it’s worth the work.

This is what Sarah, a Secondary School Teacher from Bristol, said about working with me:

“Before I started working with Hazel, I felt helpless and defeated. I was heavily drinking alcohol every day without fail, and the amount was increasing. This was obviously negatively affecting all parts of my life: my work, my relationships and my self-esteem. I felt ashamed of my behaviour. I couldn’t think of any way out of my situation. I felt like a lost cause. I am therefore infinitely grateful that a friend recommended Hazel to me. Hazel quickly made me feel comfortable, normal, hopeful. And our work began…

Over the course of 3 months, Hazel introduced me to numerous techniques to help deal with cravings. She also recorded personalised, bespoke audios which I found to be incredibly effective when experiencing the urge to drink alcohol. I started to feel more in control, and now choose when and when not to drink alcohol.

As part of the process, we also worked through underlying reasons for using alcohol as a crutch, and, through putting me in what she described as a trance-like state, would make suggestions to my subconscious, in order to help me to respond in a more positive way to certain unhelpful childhood memories that had been negatively impacting my adult life.

Hazel taught me various strategies on how to manage difficult emotions, and insecurities, such as the fear of rejection, and feelings of loneliness and boredom. I am now confident that I have skills to handle a whole range of challenging situations. As with all learning, it takes practice, but I can honestly say that I am already experiencing the benefits. Hazel goes above and beyond to ensure that you feel fully supported and her sessions were certainly worth every penny.

Take this step in your self-development. Hazel is a true professional, who is qualified to guide you towards a better life. No regrets.”

I will give you an exceptionally personal and supportive service. My support is second to none – I really want you to succeed and I’ll do all I can to help you get where you want to be.

You have access to me in between sessions by text, email or laser coaching calls; you’ll be given written and recorded instructions for any techniques we use, and I will record a powerful hypnotic recording especially for you, to strengthen the changes you make.  See the full benefits here.

Hazel was there for me every step of the way. She was totally committed, and her enthusiasm and focus was infectious, encouraging me to stick with the programme. I remember when on holiday I texted her for advice and she was there for me, texting tips, contacting me the following day to see how things went. That’s typical of Hazel, always going the extra mile to help. At the risk of sounding dramatic, she really has been one of the most influential people in my life in the past few years.

Sarah, Surrey

Relevant Professional Qualifications:

Fully insured and a member of the International Coaching Federation, National Council of Hypnotherapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

My story

My journey to becoming a Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist has been a bit convoluted to say the least!. It’s taken me a while to find the work I love.  I began as a paralegal for a criminal lawyer in Newport, Wales – a job I was far too immature for, but I bumbled my way through until I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse.  I spent many years nursing in high care areas all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, Africa, Australia and Nepal.  I then married and accompanied my husband to Beirut to set up his business and I taught English as a Foreign language for the British Council, not being able to nurse due to my lack of Beiruti Arabic (very different to the Arabic spoken in Saudi Arabia).

On my return to the UK I became interested in risk management and spent a year as a Risk Manager at Kingston Hospital which led to me becoming a Health and Safety Inspector, specialising in helping organisations to manage stress in their employees. A construction consultancy approached me to set up a Health and Wellbeing team for their global operations and that was the start of my six and a half years as a Director in the Corporate Sector.

That’s the factual stuff.

The reasons for becoming a therapist are much more personal.  During my time in the corporate sector I had unhappy life events which, combined with work stress, came together to create the perfect storm and changed my life.

The crunch point came in the middle of a very ordinary workday. I had made a simple mistake that shouldn’t have phased me at all; but it did. I found myself in the ladies, crying, shaking, heart pounding, sweating, thoughts racing. I was very scared – I didn’t know what was happening. I thought I was losing my mind. I wasn’t. I was having my first panic attack because my anxiety and stress levels had gone through the roof.

The stress had been creeping up for some time, but I’d ignored it and thought I was coping, but deep down I knew things weren’t right. I’d lost my joy, woke every morning with a feeling of dread, felt fearful, sick, sometimes quite dreamy and detached. I thought there was something wrong with me or that I simply didn’t have the capacity to be happy. I was on edge all the time, worrying about anything and everything. I tried to control people and things too much because that made me feel more secure, but, as you can imagine, it caused problems in my relationships.

The day of my breakdown frightened me into action because I knew I couldn’t go on as I was.  I’d hit the wall.

It was really hard to admit to myself and others that I wasn’t coping, but I really had no choice.

My GP was sympathetic but could only prescribe CBT and medication, both of which were of limited help to me.

I had to do something different

So, I decided to help myself, to take control. I developed expertise in anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm and burn out. I qualified as a Life Coach. I studied Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Stress Management, Anxiety Reduction, Mindfulness, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and much more with recognised institutions, devoured the research and the received wisdom on the subject.

And I drew on my own life experiences so that I could use them to help others.

And today

Today I’m more resilient, relaxed and confident and happier than I’ve ever been.  Yes I hit bumps and have bad days but I have my toolkit of techniques for when life throws up challenges, which it inevitably does, which means I cope so much better.

And my passion is to pass on this knowledge and life experience so that you can benefit from it, to deal whatever it is that is holding you back.

There’ll always be problems you need to overcome, things that make you wobble. But you can get better at coping so that you can get on with your life, just like I did.

So take the first step now and book a call or get in touch.

Finding the right therapist is important and this is why I offer a complimentary consultation.

When you are thinking of working with a therapist you might want to consider the following:
  • You must feel you can confide in them and trust them.
  • You want someone who has some experience in life, who understands your issue, can empathise with you and not be judgemental.
  • They must offer support when you need it.
  • It’s important that you feel comfortable talking to them and they inspire confidence.
  • They should be realistic about the work you will need to do to make the changes you want and not make silly promises that you know can’t possibly be true. Everyone is different and each person makes changes at their own pace but a good therapist will give you an idea of how much time you will probably need, based on their experience, to get the result you want.

The only way you would know, unless you have a strong recommendation, is to reach out and speak to them.  That’s why I offer a complimentary consultation call so that you can check out how I sound, how I work and, of course, if I feel I can help you.  And even if we don’t end up working together, I’m sure we’ll have a lovely conversation anyway.

So click this link to book your Complimentary Call – and begin to imagine how much better your life will be without constant anxiety.

Or just send me an email and I’ll get back to you.

I also love to help people stop smoking – want to know why?

So, I know how hard it can be to stop smoking, as a previous 20-30 a day person, and how the smell, the cost, the inconvenience and the poor self-image can just get to you and you just feel you have to stop. But that’s not why I stopped.

You see my family have poor lungs – seems to be an inborn design fault.  My mother had asthma, three sisters had asthma and I began to get asthma too.  So, I decided enough was enough I had to stop smoking. The tobacco companies had had enough from me in terms of money, they weren’t going to take my lungs too.  And I did it and I felt so free.  It was great.  No more scratching about for cigarettes or worrying about running out or not having a light.  And the craving, I do not miss the craving.

I was lucky

I managed to stop smoking before it damaged my health.  My father and two of my sisters weren’t so lucky. They all died years earlier than they should from smoking related heart and lung disease.  And I miss them.

The only help they were ever given to stop smoking was being told they needed to stop and left to get on with it, and they struggled.  Needlessly. They didn’t have the support they needed to stop smoking at that time, the support I would like to offer to you so that you can be free of smoking, forever.

Whatever your reason to stop smoking whether it’s the money, the smell, for your health or simply to be free and in control then please do it.

You may think of smoking as your friend or companion right now but it’s not.  It’s damaging and insidious and you deserve to be free of it. We can use all my resources of Coaching, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapy to help. you.

I guarantee, you’ll never regret it.

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