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You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

I’ve been where you are now and with all the professional knowledge in the world I don’t think anything beats lived experience.  I understand what you are going through and I will always have your back.  Learn by my experience, take advantage of my knowledge and wisdom and we can help you build the life you really want.

My Personal Experience

Until about 10 years ago, I noticed that I was always trying to be better, do better, to change myself, to try to ‘fix’ myself and my marriage.  It was only when I had lost sight of who I was, when friends told me how worried they were about me that I woke up and could admit to myself that I was in a relationship that really wasn’t good for me.

 I had spent years walking on eggshells, desperately trying to please my partner, doing anything to keep the peace, to make him happy, blaming myself for anything and everything that was wrong.

 I was anxious, confused, suffered a bout of very serious depression and completely lost myself.

 I think I had always been an anxious person, even as a child. I didn’t know what anxiety was at the time.  I just assumed I was weird, different and pathetic for not coping with life better. I built up some pretty unhealthy coping strategies. This made me very vulnerable.

I realised something had to change.  It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.  I’m happier now than I’ve been for a very long time.

 I now work with women who want to leave or have left an unhealthy, coercive or toxic relationship to understand what is happening in the relationship and why they feel and act the way they do, so that they can make the changes they need to make to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence, be free of anxiety and live their best life.

 In other words, women who want to own their lives.

My Approach & Philosophy

When you are thinking of working with a therapist you might want to consider the following:

  • You must feel you can confide in them and trust them.
  • You want someone who has some experience in life, who understands your issue, can empathise with you and not be judgemental.
  • They must offer support when you need it.
  • It’s important that you feel comfortable talking to them and they inspire confidence.
  • They should be realistic about the work you will need to do to make the changes you want and not make silly promises that you know can’t possibly be true. Everyone is different and each person makes changes at their own pace but a good therapist will give you an idea of how much time you will probably need, based on their experience, to get the result you want.

The only way you would know, unless you have a strong recommendation, is to reach out and speak to them.  That’s why I offer a complimentary consultation call so that you can check out how I sound, how I work and, of course, if I feel I can help you.  And even if we don’t end up working together, I’m sure we’ll have a lovely conversation anyway.

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